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Father Asking For help Finding His Missing Boy Texas

My name is Mike DeWalt and I am asking for your help in finding my son, Jeremy, who was abducted by his mother in October, 2002.

Suzanne, Jeremy's mother, is my ex-wife and has been running from the authorities with Jeremy since she lost custody of him on October 25, 2002.

She entered Mexico illegally, is living there without a valid passport and has warrants out for her arrest. She is desparate for help and money. I believe she might look for employment teaching English, writing, and interior design/decorating.

you can learn more on this case by visiting his web site.

After a failed attempt to reconcile our marriage, Suzanne sought retribution with me and filed false allegations claiming I abused my son.

After four US government agencies (CPS, FBI, NBPD, NCIS) investigated the allegations and determined the charges were unsubstantiated, she sought retribution through the family courts by attempting to terminate my rights as Jeremy's father.

After a 2-week jury trial in her hometown of New Braunfels, Texas, the jury determined that Suzanne is dangerous and a detriment to Jeremy's well-being. They also decided that for his protection he should be under his father's care and that Suzanne needs psychiatric help.

They awarded me sole custody of Jeremy and ordered Suzanne to seek mental treatment. They also ordered Suzanne to pay all of the court fees as a penalty for filing false allegations, but it is not money I desire-only my son, Jeremy.

Suzanne knew what she was doing was wrong and prepared ahead of time in the case she lost. Immediately after the verdict was read, she ignored the court order to turn my son over to me and, with the help of her parents, put a well thought out plan of escape into motion.

They left the courtroom and fled to a pre-positioned get-away car, retrieved Jeremy from a secret hiding place, evaded the police, drove all night to the Laredo border and crossed into Mexico early the next morning.

The Texas Police and the FBI issued warrants for their arrest. Margaret Kearns, Suzanne's mother, fled with her across the border and ran with them for 11 months

She returned to the US last fall and is currently serving 1 year in jail for her actions. Ed Kearns, Suzanne's father, drove with them to the border but returned the next day to provide them with assistance from home. He served 9 months in jail for his actions.

Suzanne continues to run today denying Jeremy a stable home, proper schooling and medical care.

Suzanne and Jeremy travel mostly by bus and taxi. They have been to Monterrey, Saltillo, Parras and San Miguel de Allende. They stay in one place for only a few weeks at a time.

Suzanne remains in doors, surfs the internet, reads and watches television. Jeremy will turn 7 this October and should be starting first grade. He is a very friendly, happy kid who likes to play football, run and swim.

I am extremely concerned for his well-being and desperately want my family back together again. If you have any information regarding their location please contact the immigration authorities, the New Braunfels Police Department or FBI.

if you have any information on this child are the mother please New contact braunfels Police Department (Texas) 1-830-608-2179

Wednesday August 25, 2004

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